A New Year and New Opportunities

As 2012 begins, I'm delighted to be involved in several brand new projects and working with new clients as well.  At the same time, I'm completing several projects that were in the works in December.

Top of the list for the beginning of this month (with an imminent deadline!) is a major National Endowment for the Humanities grant I'm spearheading for the New Bedford Whaling Museum.  This is a terrific opportunity for me to work with a major local museum and to spend time on site at meetings and exploring galleries with staff - something I've missed as I've worked almost exclusively with clients located at a distance from Cape Cod.

Pico Island in the Azores, from "A Whaling Voyage Around the World"
Meanwhile, I continue to work on a variety of educational projects.  Right now, I'm continuing to work with Michigan-based A-Pass Educational Group on a project for a major publisher.  My job: to turn print textbooks into interactive lectures and assessments using a presentation software called Articulate. This is a long-term project which will run through March.

A new client, The World Scholar's Cup, is an international educational organization that challenges youth to engage with, debate and conduct research surrounding a variety of academic topics.  My challenge is update and enhance a resource guide on the topic of biotechnology - making it accessible for kids in grades 6-12 from around the world!

As before, I am continuing to work with the online magazine Autism After 16, researching and writing articles on autism-related topics such as IEP's and transition planning; community inclusion; and much more.  In addition, I continue my consulting work with the Boston Children's Museum and Boston Museum of Science, all of which focuses on best practices and training for inclusion of kids and families living with autism.