Universal Design for Learning

I'm heading off, on Monday of this week, to a conference at the Museum of Science in Boston which will focus on the development of a universally designed science museum exhibit. 

Cool isn't always inclusive!
My role will start with a presentation about autism and education -- a complex and poorly researched topic indeed!  I've put together a PowerPoint presentation to describe the autism spectrum and planned changes to the diagnostic criteria; describe some of what's known about how people with autism learn and engage with the environment; present some of the technology now in use for people with autism, and provide some samples of what's working in the museum environment (not too many examples so far!).

I'm excited to be part of a group that includes some of the top people in the fields of museum education and technology...  Universal design is a new concept for many of us, and technology should allow us, at this point in history, to create experiences that are flexible, engaging, and capable of teaching a huge range of people.  Can't wait to see what emerges!