Exploring the Many Faces of Education

What does education look like?

This month, and for several months to come, I'm exploring many of the very different possibilities through client publications, websites, and multimedia instructional curricula.  It's exciting, and I'm learning every day -- though I must say the experience can feel just a little like intellectual whiplash.  Here are some of the educational projects I'm involved with right now:

  •  Editing a museum publication about research into the impact of informal education on girls' experience of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).
  • Developing new web copy describing international "expeditions" run by researchers working with Earthwatch, a non-profit that involves volunteers in real-world projects ranging from archaeological exploration of ancient Roman fortifications in northern England to underwater research into the impact of climate change on the coral reefs of Australia.
  • Creating multimedia lessons on English Language Arts for grade 9 students using the Accelerate.com guideline-based curriculum.  So far, I've reread stories by Poe and Langston Hughes, and am about to plunge into historic speeches -- all in support of highly interactive lessons that challenge students to interpret and report on all forms of written and spoken expression.
  • Writing how-to-articles for Sumac.com, a Toronto-based company that creates fundraising software for non-profits.  What's the best way to "do good while doing well?"  How can non-profits collaborate for success?  I'm researching and writing it all!
  •  Building online, interactive modules on life and study skills for an innovative new non-profit dedicated to helping students succeed.  I'm creating materials on values, self-control, and other key topics, for youngsters ranging from middle through high school.
  • Updating publicity materials for the Falmouth Education Foundation, a local grant making entity which supports teachers in our local public schools as they develop innovative new ways to teach and engage students in grades K-12.
  • Researching and writing materials for Stream Explorers, the children's magazine produced each quarter by and for coldwater conservation group Trout Unlimited.  This quarter's topic: the rivers -- and fish -- of the Shoshone River in Wyoming, near Yellowstone Lake.
The breadth of education in today's multimedia, multigenerational, multimodal world is incredible.  It's nice to nice the possibilities continue to expand!