Business Management Multimedia, Scenarios, Videos: Options for Skill Building

  • What does it take to manage an employee you dislike?
  • How do you minimize meeting length while maximizing efficiency and outcomes?
  • Why does a cash bonus motivate only half of your employees?

These are some of the questions that short, pithy videos and interactive scenarios can answer -- on an as-needed basis, through a variety of techniques that target different learning styles.  While one manager may learn best through a short lecture-style presentation, another may find it easier to grasp a concept when it's presented in anedotal style, and a third may need to actually interact with information in order to internalize it.

That's why the demand for online managerial training tools has grown so quickly: it's easy to take the same basic content, reversion it for multiple learning styles, and make it available as a library of resources.  As a manager encounters an issue, she can tap into a password-encrypted site, select the topic desired, choose the presentation style, and receive instant, actionable input that makes sense to her based on her learning style.

There are a wide range of multimedia tools used to present management concepts.  While not every tool is appropriate to every topic, it's always possible to create video presentations, text publications, and interactive elements to suit individual needs.  With enough time and the right tools, it's even possible to create interactive, scenario-based, "choose your own adventure" style modules that allow managers to practice coaching, conflict resolution, meeting management, problem-solving, and other critical skills.

Building on my experience with virtual and distance education, I've worked with several recent clients on business-related teaching tools.  Just a few projects include --
  • 100 three-minute video scripts on topics ranging from SWOT analysis to conflict resolution
  • "Smart Stories" for business managers which relate business skills such as meeting management to real-world examples of business managers who have successfully achieved specific goals
  • Articulate-based interactive lectures and assessments focused on topics such as marketing theory and fundamentals of branding
How do your managers learn best?