Consulting: Autism Inclusion

I work with museums, Y's and other community organizations to train staff, design programs and advise on effective inclusion of children, teens and adults with autism. 

To date, I have consulted with the Boston Museum of Science, the Denver Art Museum, the Boston Children's Museum, The Philadelphia YMCA/Ambler Area YMCA, The Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, and the New Jersey Academy of Aquatic Science.  I've also spoken at conferences including Cultural Access New England, the Autism Society of America, and the Association of Science-Technology Centers.

For much more information about my autism-related work, including my articles and blogs, and my book Get Out, Explore and Have Fun with Your Child on the Autism Spectrum, please see my sister websites: and

I am available for on-site and virtual consulting and staff training, and can develop a unique program or PowerPoint for your particular needs.  I am also happy to speak on topics including:
  • Autism in the Museum
  • How to Include a Child or Teen with Autism in Your Community-Based Programs
  • Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorders for Community Leaders
  • Inclusion, Accessibility and Universal Design
  • Parenting the Child and Teen with Autism
  • Multiple Intelligences and the Out-of-the-Box Learner